Here are the answers to the most common questions we receive at Wanda-Rings Farm...

Is Wanda-Rings farm organic?

  • We are not USDA certified organic. However, our grass fed only beef could be considered organic because of our practices. We believe in using all-natural practices first for feeding and treating our animals. The cattle are all grazed on natural grown pastures (the grass is non-gmo and not sprayed with pesticides), they are fed no antibiotics or hormones.  They are not fed any grain in their diet except non-gmo oats in the winter months when their is no grass.  We do believe in not limiting our abilities to provide the best health care for the animals. We will treat our animals with an antibiotic if they are very sick and the veterinarian recommends we do so. We treat our animals as we would treat a family member. If an animal is treated with an antibiotic, they are never slaughtered, until the antibiotic is completely out of their body. Our goal is to keep our animals healthy, so we never need to make that decision.

What cuts do I get from my quarter beef or half of pig?

  • You will call the butcher to tell them what cuts you want. They will walk you through the process and help you in choosing the best cuts. I will note, however that some cuts are limited, such as steaks and roasts, bacon, hams, and pork chops, and ribs. Items like ground beef, hamburger, sausage, stew meat, and brats can be unlimited. Please see the links below to view the specific carcass cuts available.

How much take home beef is from a steer?

  • The livestock industry has 3 different types of weights. First the live weight of the animal. Second, the hanging/carcass weight which is after the animal is slaughtered and is usually 60% of the live weight. Lastly, the retail weight which is the take home meat. This is typically 30% less of the hanging weight.We typically sell our beef based off the hanging/carcass weight.
  • Beef Example: A typical beef steer at 1200 pounds will have a hanging weight of 720 pounds of beef and 500 pounds of take home beef.

 How much take home meat is from a pig?

  • The pork weight calculation is different from the beef. The hanging weight is 70-74% of the live weight and the retail weight 20-25% less of the hanging weight.
  • Pork example: A typical live pig at 250 pounds will have a hanging weight of 180 pounds and will have 140 pounds of take home meat.

 Do you sell individual cuts?

  • We do not sell individual cuts. We sell whole, halves (side), or quarters of beef and whole or halves of pork.

 What is the process for purchasing beef or pork?

  • First, please send us an email if you are interested in buying a product as soon as possible. Then we will have you on our email list for when the livestock are going to the butcher. We will let you know the dates that we take the animals to the butcher. Once the animal goes to the butcher, you will call them to give directions how to process your meat. They will then coach you through choosing the cuts and when to pick up the meat. We will then send you a bill through email based off the hanging weight of the animal.

 Do I pay the butcher and you separate?

  • Correct, first you pay the butcher for the processing at the time you pick up the meat. We will send you a bill after the processor tells us the hanging weight on your quarter or half. Then you can send us a payment.

 Do you do farm tours?

  • We would love to show the farm off to everyone! We currently work full time jobs off the farm during the week. Please contact us first and we can schedule an appointment for a farm tour. We believe in being completely transparent with our customers on our practices.