Our Owners

Joe and Hannah were married in 2014 and after many years of Joe raising animals at his parent’s home, the wandaring couple bought their dream farm in 2018. Wanda-Rings farm has now been built on their life values of Faith, Family, and Farm.

Joe grew up on a small hobby farm where he was inspired to become a farmer. He worked on the neighbor’s dairy farm during high-school and went on to further his career in dairy farming at UW-River-falls in Wisconsin, where he received a bachelor’s degree in dairy science. Joe continued his career in dairy as a herd manager on a farm in Wisconsin for 4 years while also raising beef steer and pigs as a hobby. Now, Joe is focused on raising beef and pork for the local community while also working in his family automotive interior repair business. Joe enjoys working with the animals, smelling the fresh cut hay fields, and sharing their farm life with the community!

Hannah grew up  in the suburbs of Chicago. She went on to college for engineering, with the intentions to work in the mission field. However, after meeting Joe in college and getting married to Joe soon after, she to fell in love with the country life and works alongside Joe on the farm. Hannah is a key part of the operation. She does the bookwork and helps with feeding the animals. Hannah loves to watch sunrises and feeding the calves. She also enjoys growing fresh nutritious vegetables in her garden.

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